Is Getcontact a paid application?

You can use Getcontact for free. We offer you different kinds of subscriptions to allow you to use certain features with higher limits. Subscription offers and pricing may vary from one country to another. If Premium is available in your region, you can check our Premium offers on the Profile page.

My Getcontact account doesn't get activated, I don't receive any PIN code.

First, please make sure you have entered the number correctly. If your phone number is correct and you still do not receive a PIN code, try again in 15-minute intervals. In case the problem persists, you can contact us at support@getcontact.com

Can I search by name?

Getcontact identifies callers only by phone number. Unfortunately, it is not possible to search by name.

How is a phone number listed as spam?

Spam identification has been developed with a special algorithm that keeps your security at the top level. Getcontact reviews the feedback of millions of users and decides whether a call is spam or not. We continue to improve our technology in this direction day by day.

How can I block a number and report it as spam?

Using the "Report" button you see when you search an incoming number, you can report or block it in pre-defined categories.

- If you just report the number, it will be shown to you as SPAM later on.

- If you both report and block the number, you will not receive calls from this number any more.

How can I protect myself from spam calls?

If you are using an iOS device;

By tapping the "Enable Protection" button on Getcontact's bottom menu, you can activate spam protection according to the instructions.

After this step, by swiping the Spam screen down and tapping "Change settings" in "Spam Settings", you can choose one of the options, "Block all spam calls" and "Show warning for spam and fraud calls".

If you are using an Android device;

You can activate spam protection in two different ways:

- When you install the app, spam protection gets enabled if you grant certain permissions.

- In case you have not granted these permissions, you can activate spam protection according to the instructions given in the menu of "Enable Protection" which you can access from the "SPAM" tab on the bottom menu.

After this step, by swiping the Spam screen down and tapping "Change settings" in "Spam Settings", you can choose one of the options, "Block all spam calls" and "Show warning for spam and fraud calls".

I accidentally marked a number as spam. How can I fix this?

Using the "Unblock" button that will appear on the screen after you search a number, you can unblock and remove it from the spam list. Clicking "Spam" on the bottom menu and then swiping the page down, you can acces the "Block List" from "Spam Settings" and remove the number you marked as spam from the spam list by sliding it to the left.

Why can't I see caller's info in all calls?

Getcontact cares about the privacy of its users. We are not able to provide identification for the number of a user who does not want to be visible.

What is Getcontact PIN?

The accuracy of the info we provide is important to us. You must verify your number with a one-time code so that we could offer you and other users a better Getcontact experience.

What is a tag? How can I add tags?

A tag is information added for a Getcontact user by the other users (nickname, name, etc.). These tags can be managed by the user.

You can add tags for other Getcontact users from the section "Add Tag" which is to be found on the user profile. You can perform this operation from the menu "Add Quick Tag" also when you sign up to the app.

Can I add tags for myself?

In accordance with the Getcontact community standards, you can add tags only for other users; however, you can manage your own tags.

How can I manage or delete my tags?

You can see and manage your tags in your profile by tapping "Show Profile" in the "Other" section on Getcontact's bottom menu. Please swipe to the left the tag you want to edit.

How can I change my profile name on Getcontact?

You can edit your visible name from your profile. When you edit it, your updated profile name will be prioritized in search results.

How can I make my phone number invisible on contacts?

You can adjust your visibility settings via the following link: https://www.getcontact.com/manage

Changes are updated in our servers within 24 hours.

How can I delete my Call/Search history?

If you are using an iOS device;

You can clear your all search history by tapping the "Clear All" button on the Search menu.

If you are using an Android device;

You can clear your search history by using the "Clear" button on the upper menu. Keep in mind that in order to clear your call list, you should clear also the call history of your phone. 

Why aren't unknown callers identified?

Unknown callers are managed by GSM operators. A number should not be unknown to allow Getcontact to identify it. 

Why can't I see the identity of an incoming caller?

In iOS devices, only calls that are marked as spam are identified. In Android devices, this setting is enabled. In case you cannot see the identity of the caller, please make sure you have granted all the necessary permissions. You can activate this feature by adjusting permissions on the application or the settings of your phone.

Why do I view only 1 result?

The holder of the given number must be a Getcontact user in order for you to list all tags.

What is error code 5001?5001

You may be receiving this error due to a temporary problem of access to the Getcontact servers. You can wait for a while after exiting the app and try again later.

What is error code 5003?5003

There may be several reasons for this error code. You must have an active internet connection to use the app. Please check your internet connection. This problem might also be occurring due to restrictions of access introduced by governments on some IPs or domains.

Can I see who added tags for me?

Since user tags are anonymous, it is not possible to see who added tags for you.

My phone number is listed as spam.

Getcontact identifies numbers as spams with an advanced algorithm. If you think your number has mistakenly been listed as spam, please contact us at support@getcontact.com Your number will be investigated by a Getcontact expert. We do not guarantee that we will make any change for your number that is already in our SPAM filter or delete it from there.

Will my phonebook contacts become searchable by others who use Getcontact?

Your contacts in your phonebook are never made public or searchable by Getcontact. Permission to access your phonebook contacts can only be granted if you have provided your consent and can only be used for the sole purpose the permission was granted for by you. We need permission to access your phonebook to provide you with a perfect user experience and make you benefit from certain Getcontact features better.

Can I change my number?

It is not possible to change your number on your Getcontact account. If your current Getcontact number is not available anymore and you have a new one, you can cancel your current subscription and log out from the app. Then you can create a new account for your new number. We suggest you to use the following methods to transfer your rights such as Premium subscription, etc. into your new number:

- If Premium invoicing is done through Google Play or Apple Store, you can transfer your Premium subscription privileges into your new number by tapping "Restore purchases" on the Premium page in the app. If you lose access to the account on which invoicing is done, you will lose your Premium rights, too.

- If invoicing is done through a credit card or mobile operator, please contact us at support@getcontact.com A Getcontact expert will look into the situation and transfer your purchases to your new number. Please note that in such a case these purchases will not be available for your previous number any more.

Can I learn who searched my number?

Only Premium users are provided with the limited information regarding how many times and at what date your number was searched. You can see only people who viewed your tags in detail. However, in order for you to access this information, the person who has viewed your tags must have "Private Mode" disabled in their settings. If the "Private Mode" setting is enabled, you will see this person as "Anonymous".

How can I start a subscription?

You can check Getcontact subscription packages from the "Getcontact Premium" which can be found in the "Other" section on the bottom menu and start one if you like.

You can also purchase with credit card or mobile operator charging through the following link: https://premium.getcontact.com Please note that Getcontact Premium is not purchasable in every country. Our Premium offers are available only in the following countries:

How can I change my e-mail address with which I use Getcontact?

You can edit your e-mail address by going to "Show Profile" from the "Other" section on bottom menu.

Can I add another number to my Getcontact profile?

You can use your Getcontact profile only with one phone number.

When will my free usage right renew?

Your limits renew on the first day of every month. To check your remaining limits, you can follow these steps: Other > Getcontact Premium > Search Limits.

How can I learn my remaining limits?

You can check your remaining limits by following these steps: Other > Getcontact Premium > Search Limits. 

Can I report errors?

You have not found an answer to your question? We investigate every feedback, especially the technical ones, with scrupulous care. You can give us feedback by letting us about the problem you have had in the following ways:

You can use the Help > Contact Us section in the app.

You can report errors via the following link: https://www.getcontact.com/send-report

E-mail: support@getcontact.com

Please do not forget to let us know the following information when you give us feedback via e-mail!

What are the advantages of the subscription packages?

With Getcontact Premium, you will have several exclusive features besides a privileged experience:

- Ad-free Use: You will not see any ad in the app.

- More Search Limits: Your search limits increase according to your package type in Premium and/or higher subscriptions. You will have more search limits than a standard user has.

- Search Statistics: You will have a report page on which you can see when and how many times your number is searched.

- Who Viewed Your Tags?: With Premium and/or higher subscriptions, you can now see who viewed your tags.

Are my private notes in contacts copied?

Getcontact only processes contact numbers that you have consented to within the parameters set by your telephone device format and the country you are located. Any contact information not complying with your telephone device format is not processed and never stored by us. If you would like more information on the type of data that may be collected and for what purpose data is used, then please read the relevant sections available in our Privacy Policy.

How do I manage my subscriptions?

You can manage your subscriptions on the channel you used for purchasing.

For subscriptions purchased through Google Play Store: Subscriptions can be managed from the Menu>Subscriptions page after signin in via the following link https://play.google.com/store/account/subscriptions

For subscriptions purchased through Apple Store: Subscriptions can be managed by tapping the “Manage your subscriptions” button after signing in via the following link https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

For subscriptions purchased through website: Subscriptions can be managed by following the steps below after signing in via this link https://premium.getcontact.com

"Profile page > Payments & Subscriptions > Manage Subscription Plan"

Please note that you can continue using your limits available in your plan, during the period you have paid for, even after you cancel your subscription. When a subscription is cancelled, fees paid for the previous subscription periods will not be refunded, and in subscriptions cancelled before the billing cycle begins again, fees for the remaining periods will not be refunded, either.

What is the Trust Score?

Trust Score is a special analytical technique developed by Getcontact engineers to fight phone frauds. Trust Score is calculated on a scale of 1 to 10.

How does Trust Score work?

We estimate a Trust Score by combining several algorithms, such as feedback on the phone number spam activities of the phone number.

And dozens of different algorithms feed our AI technology so we can calculate a Trust Score for that number.

Can I rely on Trust Score completely?

No! Getcontact just estimates and these scores have no binding force.